Mission Statement
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Our Vision is to provide horses and their owners with the best possible nurturing environment to thrive in. We do this by individual, personal, loving care of each horse. Each horse gets individual turnout and the best possible feed and quality hay. The pastures are fertilized and seeded two times yearly. The horses get as much turnout as possible with weather conditions. Equis Run is about quality care and nurturing, providing a wholesome setting where the rider can develop at their own pace and appreciate and develop an ongoing harmony with their horse.

George and Amy, as owners, live on their property with their 3 dogs along with the barn caretaker (who lives above the barn). Amy and George are both avid Koi keepers and have a Koi pond on the property. George owned a 350 acre dairy farm in Scotland before he met and married Amy. Amy has loved and been involved with horses for over 20 years. She is very adept at caretaking. She started learning the discipline of dressage but has evolved to the sport of eventing and does a lot of lower level combined training. Amy is a passionate mortgage banker full time and involved in teaching many workshops on Wealth building, Real Estate Investing and Home buying.

You can visit her website at: www.amybonis.com or call her at the barn (919) 570- 0951.

Email Amy: amy@amybonis.com
Amy's Office: (919) 414-4430.