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If you are looking for a peaceful, serene, nurturing environment,
this is it!

Cant say enough great things about this farm and the care that Amy and George give to the horses and facility. As a farm owner myself for over 25 years, having had a year without a barn/farm for my horse- I boarded my horse with Amy. This is the only farm that took the level of care for my horse that I have. The arena footing was always impecabbly maintained and soft for the horses, the barn is cleaner than my house!, and is light, bright, and happy, the turnout situation was well thought out and safe, with well tended grassy paddocks. My horse was fed the best quality hay and as much as he needed. He was calm and happy and peaceful there. I recommend Equis Run highly!!!!!!

Hi Amy,

Thank you again for taking such amazing care of Mandros. He looks wonderful!  I will be sure to tell everyone what a fantastic barn you have. Let me know if you ever need a recomendation - I would be happy to do it.   I will miss you. Your barn is a very happy, peaceful place. You have a lot to be proud of.

Jeannie Lorenzen
Professonal Dressage Trainer and rier.   


I have  really loved being at Equis Run and will recommend you guys to anyone I come across looking to board in the area. You have such a beautiful place and genuinely care for and love all the horses as if they were your own and that is very hard to find. 

Phillip Meadors

Equis Run Farm is beautiful, peaceful and offers wonderful amenities for the boarders and their horses. While at Equis Run my horse received excellent care, feed and hay. The individual turnout with secure fencing meant I did not have to worry about my horse getting injured by another horse yet he was never lonely because his buddies were right next door. The large arena with great footing is fantastic because I did not have to give up a day of riding because of bad weather. And to top it off, it was so close to my home that I had more time to spend with my horse and saved on fuel. To sum it up, Equis Run Farm is beautiful, provides excellent care for the horses and I highly recommend it.

Cheryl Batts
Proud owner of Cheval and Lilly