Boarding Agreement

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Equis Run Inc Boarding Agreement

Please send boarding agreement, and deposit check of $100 to: George Lambie
11316 Centaur Road in Wake Forest NC 27587
Phone: 919 570 0951 and George's cell is 919 741 0847

Equis Run strives to provide the finest care keeping the horse’s health, safety and mental and physical well being as our number one priority.

This agreement dated the ____day of ________, 20__ is between Equis Run farm and _______________________________________________________ Whose address is ________________________________________________________- Hereinafter called the owner.

WARNING: Under NC law an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting exclusively from the inherent risks of equine activities. Chapter 99E of NC General Statues.

1.     Fees- In consideration of $____ per horse per month paid by the owner no later than the 7th of each month (to avoid late fee), Equis Run agrees to board the hereinafter described horse located at 11316 Centaur Road in Wake Forest NC 27587. Checks to be Made to Equis Run Farm.

2.     Registration of horse:

3.     Name of Horse___________________________________

4.     Feed and facilities Equis Run agrees to provide normal and reasonable care including care, grain, hay and water to maintain the health and well being of the horse. We will provide a stall, pasture or paddock turnout on a daily basis. Feeds are done 2 times daily. Food may be adjusted up in the wintertime and down in the summer time based on grass/ horse weight. Turnout schedule may also be adjusted based on drought conditions. Board includes 5 lbs of barn feed daily. No refunds for unused feed. Alternative feeds are may be feed but are sourced and paid for at owners expense.

5.     Additional costs- Returned Check fee of $35. Late fees of $50 for checks delivered after the 7th of each month.

6.     Any Horse requiring stall rest for longer than 2 weeks will share in additional costs of shavings, hay etc... 

7.     Worming Costs: Actual cost of wormer. All horses in the barn are on the same schedule for worming. We do fecal exams twice yearly, which are the responsibility, cost wise of the owner. Worming is done approximately 2 times yearly or when prescribed by fecals.  Horses may also be on daily strongoid and use IM or IMG 1-2 times yearly to fight off bot flies. Other fees for you to be aware of: Arena fees of $15 for participants trailering to use arena for lessons or clinic. All riders, guests or boarders must sign a release from and wear a helmet. We also share in the cost of fly predators for the barn during the summer mos ( about $40 per horse)

8.     Blanketing- there is no cost for reasonable blanketing. During the winter, all horses will be blanketed at the evening feed. Blankets are removed in the am around turnout time if 39 or above in temperature unless otherwise instructed.

9.     Shoeing and preventative veterinary care. Each owner is responsible for shoeing their horse, meeting and cleaning up after the farrier, any medication necessary and any veterinary care needing during an injury etc… Each owner is responsible for yearly shots 2X per year for spring and Fall- Flu Rhino, East West Encephalitis, Tetanus, Rabies, East/ West Nile and if entering any shows, you may be required to also get strangles vaccinations. Coggins is required prior to delivery of said horse to Equis Run and an up to date record of vaccinations and worming is also required with signed boarding agreement. Shots are done at the same time of year by the same vet unless otherwise agreed upon. If a fecal has not been done recently on your horse prior to your arrival, a fecal will be requested.

10.   Owner is responsible to clean up your horse's mess on all gravel areas, in arena, wash stall and cross aisles of barn.  Owner is responsible to clean after your vet or farrior.  .

11.   Risk of loss and hold harmless. During the time the said horse is in custody of Equis Run, Equis run shall not be held liable for any sickness, disease, theft, death or injury which may be suffered by the horse or any other cause or action, whatsoever, arising out of or being connected in any way with the boarding of said horse. This includes, but is not limited to: any personal injury or disability the horse may receive while on Equis Run premises. Owner shall depend, indemnify and hold harmless Equis Run from any claim, loss or expense or damage to any person, on property owned by Equis Run including the cost associated with or necessitated by litigation and specifically including any attorney’s fees incurred by Equis Run as a result of such litigation.

12.   Owner is responsible for any damaged caused to Equis Run property by their horse or themselves. The damage must be rectified within a 15-day period to the satisfaction of Equis Run. Costs incurred are the responsibility of said horse owner. INITIALS_________________

13.   Emergency Care: Equis Run will make an attempt to contact said owner in the event Equis Run farm feels that medical treatment is needed for said horse but if Equis run is unable to contact owner, Equis Run is then authorized to secure emergency veterinary and or blacksmith care required for the health and well being of said horse. The horse owner shall pay all costs of such care secured. INITIALS________________________

14.   Termination and Notice; this agreement constitutes a month to month tenancy and either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party 30 days notice in writing. Notice shall be given by mail to the address of the parties stated within.


16.   Emergency Contact:
Cell phone: __________________________________
Additional Cell phone number: _______________________________
Home: ____________________
Work #: ______________________________
Insurance Co Info: ________________________________________________________

17.   Your vet info: __________________________________________________
(Name and number please)

18.   Your farrier info – Name and #: _________________________________________________________________

19.   Owner acknowledges receipt of copy of boarding agreement and has also signed a waiver form agreeing with wearing a helmet.

20.   Upon move in, please include in your first month's board a $5 move in fee.  We do collect 2 times per year for laundry detergent/ bleach ( about $4- $5 each time).

Owner: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Equis Run ______________________________ Date _____________________________

Current Farrier: Jonathan 919 –562- 7579 Cell is 919 796 9160

Current Vet responsible for barn shots etc… Neuse River Dr. Bob Meyers
919 422 9604 

Things we will need prior to the horse arriving:

  • Shot record and Coggins before arriving/ acceptance to barn
  • Clean Fecal
  • Signed boarding agreement/deposit first month
  • Idea of feed requirements

Upon Arrival: Please bring with you 7 days feed so we can make transition and a bale of hay. Also please bring with you a Food label from your current food bag.

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